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Avenue 85 brings a new touch to promotion and design. We are embracing modernity and we want the world to view our region and the people who live here as modern-day creative agents.

I am sure most of you know by now that I have the chance to be a Google Trusted Photographer and I am having a blast doing it! I decided that since this is a big part of my everyday life, I would talk a little bit about the amazing product that is Google 360 Pano virtual tour.

Article Acadie Nouvelle - Photographe agrée Google

Are you familiar with Google StreetView? What WE are doing now is bringing it INSIDE of businesses. So when a customer Googles your store, they are invited to come inside a virtual tour and get to know the place. Once they've seen the store in 360 degree panoramas, they feel like they know the place the moment they actually walk inside. There's a connection there and that drives sales.

Here's one of the lasted tour we did of TUCK Studio in Saint-John's NB:

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Want to know more about the product!? Please visit this page and ask us for a free estimates!



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